Anyone quoting this weirdo that calls himself "nipsey hussel" is obviously on the wrong side of the tracks .... As old school as that sounds, it's like that. Moving on up to the east side is all that faker did. Once you go dark, you have to get plastic surgery to come back and bark. What an idiot pack mule. Just my opinion you'd say, however, I disagree.
Karma does not exist, the word you're looking for is NEGLECT.
Twitter are the dumbest pieces of shits on the planet, I LITERALLY DID NOTHING. Oh well, Twitter is a dying platform anyway and they're being sued so hard it's not even funny. In other words, fuck Jack right in his stupid terrorist ass. I just don't want to use twitter any fucking more. Not after being abused over and over again. What they're doing is not okay at all, dude.