I'll just be leaving this here....
CHANCE TRAHAN: And this....
CHANCE TRAHAN: And this....
When I'm President, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!
Juneau hate group has blocked any attempts at successfully filing a protective order against a predator that lives next to me. I haven't broken any laws & they have taken it upon themselves to serial report me to police. I was maliciously thrown in jail & had a corrupt judge, DA & cops on my case. Corrupt police are admittedly in on the daily harassment that I'm getting through private emails.

My privacy was quite clearly breached when I filed with the City & Borough of Juneau Risk Management dept over damages from the cops maliciously kicking in my door when trying to serve a warrant that was non-extraditable, because they immediately took to private emails revealing the details that should have been kept private, but I get the feeling that Dallas Hargrave was the one to reveal private details to this little hate group that calls themselves "Juneauites" which I relate to "Juneau Parasites" and they also call themselves "Miscreants" and "Player Haters" after a Dave Chappelle skit about a "player hater's ball."

They stalk and harass me online and make several attempts at getting me banned from any kind of social media. They got me fired from my job by serial reporting me during a certain manager's shift that has devil worshipping tattoos all over his arms.

I am quite sick of this stalking and harassment and have reported their emails to the proper authorities, but the police here for example just blow me off and try to say I'm mentally unstable instead of pursuing the violators.

They obviously have plenty of help from corrupted free-masonic people in governmental positions (judges, cops, governor, administrative assistants in State Of Alaska and City & Borough Juneau, etc., etc.) and will not stop being predators towards me and have admitted that they are trying to get me to leave Juneau. However, I am a private investigator and I have caught several of people being pedophiles in this town, among other things that are directly related to deep state activities.

I am also running for US President and they can't stand the fact of me winning the election, because that means severe punishment for them. In other words, game over for them. I win.

Any help at all with these incidents would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for anything that you can do to help me.
Funny thing about being Vegan is that when you finally are about to eat meat, you have a guilty conscience. I took the box of turkey patties out of the freezer and the box scraped inside the freezer and made a sound that was similar to a turkey getting hurt. 🤔
Applying to Office Depot in Juneau is a joke
I don't feel so good right now. This medication is taking what energy I have left out of me.
Reasons why Trump should resign or be impeached:

A. Violated the Constitution with illegal bombings without Congress approval.

B. Supports Monsanto.

C. Supports Planned Parenthood.

D. Interfered with several investigations.

E. Refuses to convict Soros.

F. Supports violating 2nd amendment.
— It never was about Amazon Forest or Biodiversity.

It is about Brazilian Sovereignty.

Since World War II, all Imperialist Powers, regardless of Ideology, have questioned Brazilian Sovereignty about a region that was intrinsically linked Brazilian territory since always, the Amazon Basin.

Soviets, French, American, British...
They all wanted the Amazon for themselves.

And they will lie, misinform and will use every possible tactics to achieve their goals, the Total internationalization of the Amazon and its natural resources.

Lied about Iraq
Lied about Libya
Lied about Syria
Lie about Iran
And now lies about Brazil.