Privacy And Policies

What information do we collect?

We use your provided data to process transactions and login functions only. Your data is your data, not ours. We intend to keep it that way.

How do we use personal information?

We do not sell your information. We will never use any of your data for anything other than what is needed for you to be able to use the site.

Use of cookies and other data?

We do not use your cookies to track you across the web nor any of your recently visited pages. We only keep track of stats on this site that does not personally identify you.

What kinds of content are allowed?

We allow all types of creative content and hope to provide a space for you to share the things you like, however, we still do have policies that may make your content slated for removal.

What content might we remove?

Although we cannot be held responsible for what content users choose to upload, our policy is simple, the only content that we may choose to remove is anything shared that violates the law. Such as, but not exclusively limited to; child exploitation, trafficking, gangstalking or online harassment.

Do we remove accounts?

Yes. But, only accounts that do not verify their email within a reasonable amount of time, which could vary based on our discretion. Accounts that do not have any profile information that represents a real person may be removed. We also remove spam accounts, accounts who harass others with false statements, accounts who dox or threaten to dox others, or if the account becomes a liability to the company, we may remove it. Accounts that become compromised may be removed upon verification of the owner's request.

Do we verify accounts?

Yes, we do. But, we only verify accounts that represent a real person. We may ask you to provide your government issued identification if we do not personally know who you are, or if we need verification that you are who you say you are, especially if you are a well known influencer, celebrity, or public figure. We do not typically discriminate who does and doesn't get a verified badge, we do however distinguish who is and isn't real. The only way you can lose your badge is to lose your account, which is very difficult to pull off, unless you are blatantly breaking laws.