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    DONATE TO CAMP SHERIFF TRAHAN MY PROPOSAL FOR CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA As Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, I will push to have the Sheriff's office be stationed in Downtown Summerlin, where there will be independent research stations for the public to volunteer their time to help Las Vegas solve as many unsolved crimes as possible. I am a firm believer in Crowd–Sourcing and a huge fan of Pop–Culture–Television! Based on what I know combined with all of my real-world experiences, I strive to take the edge off of submitting info to law enforcement altogether. We will have lots & lots of new and excitingly interesting resources to use. The drive to end homelessness and to solve crimes will never stop. Plus, the drive and determination to support our Veterans shall not perish in Clark County, nor anywehre. There will be no–more negligence and mistrust between law enforcement, civilians, and military. We will work well together and we will accomplish MANY...

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